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Soft eggshells and losing feathers

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Soft eggshells and losing feathers

Post  liamarran on Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:24 am

We have two lovely girls who have the run of the side garden, Clara who is a bluebell and Tilly who is a light sussex who we love dearly. For well over a month Tilly has been losing feathers from her neck. We haven't seen any evidence of her being bullied or having her feathers pulled by Clara. Is this a moult? This is our first year with them and we haven't experienced a moult with them before. There is no sign of Clara losing feathers. Does this seem right? Since they started to lay last year they have laid non stop, surprising us as we thought they would stop laying in the winter. This morning Tilly laid a very soft shelled egg not in the nest. They are fed with layers pellets and have treats of corn and mealworms and have greens every day. They also always have a plentiful supply of grit and have apple cider vinegar in their water. Can anyone help us please?


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